Google tests material design on its YouTube Player – sneak peek

Seems like YouTube is testing material design in its well known YouTube player. You can see how it’s working on the animated GIF further in the post. The new design is absolutely flat, and takes from material design to the full. Play icon transforms fluently into pause icon, volume icon expands and returns to its original […]

[MY NEW iOS RELEASE] Frytkę? – kupony rabatowe || iOS Discounts’ app for Polish users

Tell me about the project! I am proudly presenting ‘Frytkę? – kupony rabatowe‘, which is my new side project for everyone who wants to save money while using services like UBER, McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, North Fish or Subway in Poland (actually UBER should work globally). How should you use ‘Frytkę? – kupony rabatowe’: Run the […]

[Hyped!] Apple WatchKit has just been released

Quick post, just to keep you up to date – Apple has just introduced Apple Watch SDK. If you fancy to try it out, head to and download new Xcode. This release of Xcode 6.2 with iOS 8.2 SDK beta includes WatchKit for building apps, Glances, and interactive notifications for Apple Watch. Heading out to […]

[Quick tip] How to bring back compass feature to iOS7 Google Maps

When using Google Maps, if you can’t see which way you are facing, try the following to turn the compass feature back on: (1) On iOS 7.0 go into Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. (2) Enable Compass Calibration.

iOS Twitter Reverse Auth Example and Tutorial

Hi, today’s tutorial will be based on @theSeanCook project, that shows how to use Twitter Reverse Authorization.  You can find the original project here. The project is moderately big, hovever it takes some time to realize what is happening. In today’s tutorial, we will create single, reusable class implementing Twitter Reverse Authorization. The purpose is […]

How to debug EXC_BAD_ACCESS with NSZombie in XCode 5

When you happen to find yourself in the situation, when your app crashes, and XCode doesn’t give you enough info to solve the problem, its time to call for the NSZombie. Thanks to NSZombies you will be able to see when an object that had already been deallocated receives a message, causing the app to […]

How to mine or should I say – dig – dogecoins on Windows?

So now everyone is hyped by bitcoin’s popularity and value, but it seems that it’s high price and the difficulty of mining something, makes it unreachable for an average person. If you are into crypto-currency, use the webpage: to check the current value of the specific currency. Why dogecoin? Because bitcoin’s value is all […]

Artificial Intelligence in modern IDEs

Artificial Intelligence in modern IDEs

So I have been working on my recent iPhone project, and found out, that console debug info have changed a lot these days 😉 Take a look at this quote from the debug area that I’ve found during developing: [NSCFCalendar components:fromDate:toDate:options:]: toDate cannot be nil I mean really, what do you think that operation is […]

Being a finalist in the Imagine Cup 2013 contest

CommuteSurf sticker

The local finals of Imagine Cup 2013 took place between 3-4.04.2013. During the first day, 15 teams competed in 3 categories – World Citizenship, Games, Innovation. My team – APPengers, were taking part in the Innovation challenge. To make it to the final 9, we had to perform 2 presentations for 2 different juries. That was great […]

Windows Phone 8 Emulator – Maps won’t display

First of all do what everyone else tells you to do: add ID_Cap_Map capability in WMAppManifest.xml do not hesitate, tick also ID_Cap_Location. then follow the instructions depending on your program needs. If you still see only blue square like here: then have no fear – WP8 Emulator DOES SUPPORT maps. Check if you can visit any web page using the emulator’s […]