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[Quick Tip] How to remove background from the photo

  HOW-TO Open the image that contains the element you want to cut On the layers sidebar press – add mask layer Pick the brush tool, set its color to black Paint on the elements that you don’t need on your photo et voila ! Cool facts The changes done on the layer mask, are […]

IBM CloudBurst Warehouse

Yesterday I have attended IBM CloudBurst Warehouse which took place in IBM Poland headquarters. The warehouse was a part of IBM Academic Initiative, which allows students of polish universities, to get to know business software. The warehouse consisted of the 2 presentations, the sightseeing of IBM’s Innovation Center – where the IBM CloudBurst is hosted, […]

[Tutorial] AJAX with Java Servlets, JSP, Derby and Tomcat 7.0

Today I wanted to improve my warehouse manager a little bit. I thought about adding some AJAX to it,  so in today’s post I’ll write how-to start with this technology. First of all This tutorial is based on Java Servlets, but those of you who use  plain HTML or Javascript, will also find some useful […]

Components of Lotus Connections

Now that you know what is Lotus Connections, I would like to tell you a little bit more about the technical side of the topic. In the previous post I asked a few questions, that I will be answering right now. First of all: -How does Lotus Connections look like? -And the answer is.. diversely. […]

What is Lotus Connections?

Hi, this is my first post in the blog concerning Lotus Connections 3.0. 🙂 I have created this page in order to describe my work connected with LC3.0 .  I hope that you will find many useful information here, as I will put them here after finishing every LC task. It is good to start […]

Java Servlets – Shop warehouse management

Description and goals: Time has come, to write business web-app. After spending half an hour in the line waiting for checking if there is the right size of the t-shirt I wanted to buy, I started wondering, how to improve the performance of that operation. Screens: Time: Design and research: half a day Coding + […] – WordPress Based Homepage

Description and goals: I decided to create the place, where I will be able to store my achievements, and projects. I don’t want the page to be the typical portfolio. I participate in 2 years internship in IBM, and I want to write down all the useful information about my project that I have been […]