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[Tutorial] Working with jQuery in Visual Studio 2010

Everytime I start learning the new thing, I try to make it as beginner-friendly as possible. Quite a while ago, I have started working with a really great lightweight JavaScript library called – jQuery. So without further adieu, I bring to you a few steps which will be ultimately useful on the beginning of working […]

Google Calendar support with Google API, Scala Actors, Google GWT

Description and goals: The goal was to write Scala App which will be more useful than simple  “Hello world”.  I have read the documentation of Google API and found it really powerful. The program uses scala actors to put the event into multiple calendars. Reviewing events from the calendars specified for the account that you’ve […]

IntelliJ Idea 10 and Scala – Tutorial on running Scala in IntelliJ

Learning new programming languages is what we all do to know which one will work best for the project that we’re working on. That’s why I decided to try out Scala. Scala is quite young programming language based on java. Unfortunatelly it suffers from many problems that usually touch new things, which are: unsufficient number […]

Instalacja Lotus Connections 3.0 krok po kroku – Small Deployment | Lotus Connections 3.0 installation step by step – Small Deployment (Polish document)

(For English readers only – If you are looking for English version of the tutorial on Lotus Connections 3.0.1 installation, please refer to the official IBM documentation, which can be found under the following link: While you are here, you can check the others articles concerning Lotus Connections deployment and administration. All of them […]

[Quick Tip] How to restore the search engine in Lotus Connections

To restore the search engine, follow these steps: Stop the search server. Delete the index directory and all its subdirectories from the IBM Lotus Connections search data directory. Copy the backup index and all its subdirectories into the search directory. Restore the HOMEPAGE.SR_FILESCONTENT table. Import the previously-exported contents of the HOMEPAGE.SR_FILESCONTENT table if available. Restart the […]

[Quick Tip] How to reset index of the search engine

The following tip, comes from the IBM Lotus Connections 3.0 documentation. Enjoy. Check the value of the SEARCH_INDEX_DIR WebSphere® Application Server variable for the relevant server by doing the following: Launch the WebSphere Application Server Integrated Solutions Console. Select Environment > WebSphere Variables. Click Show filter function. Ensure that WebSphere Variables displays in the Filter dropdown menu. Enter SEARCH_INDEX_DIR into the Search term(s) text box and […]

Lotus Connections 3.0.1 Warehouse

On thursday I had a pleasure of attending to Lotus Connections 3.0.1 warehouse, which was prepared by Rafal Danecki – Lotus Collaboration Technical Leader. During the warehouse, Rafal talked about administration, architecture and deployment, extensibility, mobile LC, integration with Microsoft Office and many many more. The attendees have had an opportunity to get familiar with […]

[Quick Tip] Setting up search dictionary

If you want to support your language in the search, you need to enable specific dictionary file in the search configuratioin file. To do so follow these steps: 1. Start the wsadmin client (Network Deployment): \profiles\\bin> wsadmin -lang jython -user -password -port 2. After that, open the configuration file of the search application Standalone: execfile(“”) […]