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Webpage breakdown – Sorry for inconvenience

Hi, Yesterday, for unknown reasons the site went down. Fortunatelly it’s up and running again. Dear readers – sorry for that 🙁 Michal Stawarz

[Tutorial] Create personalized Google search

Introduction Searching through the content of websites is something that we find convenient and can’t imagine living without. But what should we do if the developers of the webpage, didn’t think in the same way, and they didn’t provide the search function? And what if there is a bunch of websites that we really enjoy, […]

It’s finally here ! IBM Lotus Connections 3.0.1 for iPhone

Android, BlackBerry and now iPhone. IBM released the native application for the Apple’s phone. If you own one, you can go right to the iTunes, and try the mobile Connections out.

How to install Cocos2D ?

Introduction When you come up with the idea for an iPhone app, you start searching for technologies and webpages, that might be useful on your way to the success. If your app happens to be the game, and if by any chance it is a 2D game, you definatelly should read about Cocos2D. What is […]