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How to completely remove XCode from Mac OS X – Snow Leopard

Sometimes updates go wrong, and we may be forced to reinstall XCode. How to do it properly? Open the terminal and type in the following: sudo  /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=all You will be left with clean system, and you can try running your XCode.dmg file again.

Defining UIButton and UISegmentedControl actions programmatically.

As you remember from the last tutorial, we have created the glass button using UISegmentedControl. The result of the following code is shown above. There is though one problem with this code. The button is pressable, but it doesn’t do anything. Lets change that. There is a good news, all you have to do is add […]

Creating a nice looking glass button on iOS4 and iOS5

When you start developing for iPhone sooner or later you will find yourself in need of using buttons. Unfortunatelly the default round rect buttons, are quite ugly, so we need to do something in order to make our app look outstanding. Here is the trick, which uses Segmented Control. Long ago you could use an […]

[Social2People] NewsGator – Sharepoint poprawiony This articles series is available only for the readers fluent in polish. Sorry for those of you who are disappointed. This is the part of my BSc Thesis and that is the reason for writing it in a language different than english. If you would like me to prepare the translation, please leave a […]