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Windows Phone 8 Emulator – Maps won’t display

First of all do what everyone else tells you to do: add ID_Cap_Map capability in WMAppManifest.xml do not hesitate, tick also ID_Cap_Location. then follow the instructions depending on your program needs. If you still see only blue square like here: then have no fear – WP8 Emulator DOES SUPPORT maps. Check if you can visit any web page using the emulator’s […]

Windows Phone 8 Emulator – Port is already in use by another application

Another quick tip for using WP8 emulator. If you happen to see this error: a specified communication resource(port) is already in use by another application Right click on your Project Name and choose Deploy . This solves the problem.

Windows Phone 8 Emulator hypervisor issue

Quick post just to let you know how to resolve the following hypervisor error issue (use event viewer to determine hypervisor launch errors – how? see the bottom of the post): “Hypervisor launch failed; Processor does not provide the features necessary to run the hypervisor (leaf 0x80000001, register 0x3: features needed 0x28100800, features supported 0x28000800).” […]