Windows Phone 8 Emulator – Maps won’t display

First of all do what everyone else tells you to do:

  • add ID_Cap_Map capability in WMAppManifest.xml
  • do not hesitate, tick also ID_Cap_Location.

then follow the instructions depending on your program needs.

If you still see only blue square like here:
blue maps in emulator

then have no fear – WP8 Emulator DOES SUPPORT maps.

Check if you can visit any web page using the emulator’s browser. You probably will not be able to do that. In that case – CONGRATULATIONS you have just found the solution – change your router/web settings, and make sure that WP8 emulator has an access to the web.

The last resort is using maps component from the Windows Phone Toolkit:

  • first of all, paste the following line to your XAML file:


  • then add the following element to it:

<maps:Map x:Name=”myMap” Height=”400″/>

Now the maps will be emulated and displayed like a charm.