How to mine or should I say – dig – dogecoins on Windows?

So now everyone is hyped by bitcoin’s popularity and value, but it seems that it’s high price and the difficulty of mining something, makes it unreachable for an average person.

If you are into crypto-currency, use the webpage: to check the current value of the specific currency.

Why dogecoin?

Because bitcoin’s value is all about it’s popularity and the same goes for every crypto-value – dogecoin has been on the lips of many people for a few days now, and it can be expected to grow its value in the foreseeable future.

Best way to earn more

It’s not a great idea to dig dogecoins on your own, and it will be much more profitable for you if you had joined digging pool.
To name the few:

I started with the first one, but go ahead and find your best fit 🙂

If you have found this tutorial useful send me some dogecoins for an address: DLz8QDMJj7iecYbsvQNndwC34Qt1uMoYdE
to show your gratitude 🙂

How to get started

Let’s start with setting up an account on
We will follow the tutorial from that is extended by my own experience.

WARNING – Everything that you will find in this tutorial was tested by myself, however I can not guarantee that the CGMiner software is 100% safe for your hardware as it performs extensive calculations on it. If you are willing to take risk, go ahead and proceed with the tutorial.

Create an account.

  • Register here – Remember to use complicated password. Also note your PIN (they do NOT ask for the one that you use along with you credit card. Simply state ANY number, but REMEMBER to write it down 🙂

  • Create a worker that will be used by the miner to login – When you create a worker, you can name it any way you want. Also the password doesn’t have to be the same as you have used when you created your account. We will use the worker’s data to connect to the pool and start earning dogecoins.

Download a miner.

You have multiple oprions here, depending on your OS.

  • CGMiner Linux/Windows: Download here – The tutorial is prepared for the Windows Users, so HERE is the package that you should use.
  • CGMiner Mac OS X: Download here
  • CPU Miner Mac/Linux/Windows: precompiled binaries are available Download here.


Configure your miner and start digging.

I guess that you are willing to dig more than once. In that case, let’s create an efficient way of starting your miner, so that you won’t have to use command-line.

  1. Open any text editor on your PC (preferably Notepad++) and create a new file with “.bat” extension. Place the following lines within the file:setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100
    cgminer.exe –scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u UsernameThatYouUseToLogInToDogePool.WorkersName -p WorkersPassword -l 1
  2. Adjust the miner to your hardware. Visit the page: and find the name of your card. Then copy the config column (ex. -I 9 -g 1 -w 128 –thread-concurrency 2048) and paste it  at the very end of your “.bat” file. This will make sure, that your GPU is working 100% and digging as many dogecoins as possible. WARNING – this is an optional setting, created for the people who want to experiment a little bit more. The temperature of your GPU will get quite high once you set the intensivity parameter (“-i” in your config file) too high. Make sure that your cooler can handle the stress. It is best to increase the value of intensity by 1, and observe the temperatures.
  3. Now save the file in the folder where you extracted your CGMiner. Make sure that your file ends with “.bat” extension, and that it is not “.txt”. Then enter the folder with your CGMiner and doubleclick the bat file.
  4. Congratulations! Now you’re digging!

If you want, you can create additional workers with usernames and passwords of your choice Here

Create a Dogecoin address to recieve payments.

Downloading the client & block chain: Download the Dogecoin client from here.

  1. Run the dogecoin-qt.exe
  2. Go to “Much receive” tab.
  3. Copy the Address
  4. Visit the settings page on your account
  5. Paste your address into the Payment address field.
  6. Enter the previously set pin number into the 4 digit Pin field.
  7. Press update account

Congratulations, now your account is up and running, your miner is doing it’s job, and now all you have to do is wait for the dogecoins 🙂 WOW!

How to send dogecoins to another user

It’s fairly simple:

  1. Enter the Pls Send  tab in the dogecoin-qt.exe
  2. Paste the wallet number of the user that you want to send some dogecoins to. It looks something like this:DLz8QDMJj7iecYbsvQNndwC34Qt1uMoYdE – This one is my doge wallet.
  3. Enter the label for your transaction and press “Send”.
  4. Done!

FIRE!!!1one (sorry had to attract your attention): If you have found this tutorial useful send me some dogecoins for the addressDLz8QDMJj7iecYbsvQNndwC34Qt1uMoYdE
to show your gratitude 🙂