[MY NEW iOS RELEASE] Frytkę? – kupony rabatowe || iOS Discounts’ app for Polish users

Frytkę android

Tell me about the project!

I am proudly presenting ‘Frytkę? – kupony rabatowe‘, which is my new side project for everyone who wants to save money while using services like UBER, McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, North Fish or Subway in Poland (actually UBER should work globally).

How should you use ‘Frytkę? – kupony rabatowe’:

  1. Run the app
  2. Choose the discount that you want to use
  3. Present the discount to the clerk
  4. Rate 5 stars for saving you money!

The app is also capable of displaying discount codes, that you can use i.e during online shopping.

Frytkę iOS

That is how Frytkę? looks on iPhone

And that is how it looks on Android device

And that is how it looks on Android device

What happens with the out-dated coupons?

Contrary to similar apps available on the market, “Frytkę? – kupony rabatowe” uses server synchronization to download the most recent discounts, so you don’t have to download an app update, to stay up to date. (Synchronization occurs every time the app gets started, so you might have to reset the app to download the latest coupons)

Any plans on introducing the app to the broader market?

Have no fear, those of you who are disappointed that the app is focused mainly on the Polish market. I will be happy to create English version, once enough number of discount coupon sources will be gathered – sorry but I lack knowledge of favorite services in different countries.

Cool, so what technologies is ‘Frytkę?’ app using?

Although Frytkę is very simple it is also quite a tech demo. REST API communication is provided by AFNetworking.  I used Mantle framework, to map JSON string to Core Data.

I started writing Frytkę in early November, which also was the time when the new iPhones were starting to hit the market. To be prepared for any screen size, the layout is built using Auto-Layout.

The last interesting piece of technology is Swift. Frytkę? app is written in plain Swift, except for some bridging headers. Having written my first Swift app, I am more than sure, that Obj-C is safe and won’t be abandoned anytime soon


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Forgot to mention, there is also an Android version – enjoy! It’s great!