Have you ever had this moment, when the idea comes to your mind, and you feel that something great might come up from it? Or maybe when you had been using your smartphone, you felt that you could improve the app that you’re using? Even if you are not familiar with any of these feelings, you surely are technology enthusiast, because you have visited my blog. And because of that you might find useful this new cycle of articles, which will be focused on Apple SDK – XCode, and the programming language called Objective-C.

My goal is to use this summer holday to write an App that can be placed in the iStore. What is important to you it the fact that you will gain a lot of knowledge by following my posts. Have a great fun, ask if you have any problems while reading my posts, and lets do the coding!

Getting Started:

Setting up your IDE, and preparing it for developing 2D apps for iPhone –

Creating a nice looking glass button for iPhone  –

Defining UIButton and UISegmentedControl actions programmatically –