Windows Phone 8 Emulator – Port is already in use by another application

Another quick tip for using WP8 emulator. If you happen to see this error: a specified communication resource(port) is already in use by another application Right click on your Project Name and choose Deploy . This solves the problem.

Windows Phone 8 Emulator hypervisor issue

Quick post just to let you know how to resolve the following hypervisor error issue (use event viewer to determine hypervisor launch errors – how? see the bottom of the post): “Hypervisor launch failed; Processor does not provide the features necessary to run the hypervisor (leaf 0x80000001, register 0x3: features needed 0x28100800, features supported 0x28000800).” […]

NEWEST Galaxy S3 JellyBean Update 4.1.2

Hi, long time no see. Sorry for that, but recently many things are happening, and I do not have time to write a single post here. Since I have a little break right now, and the new OTA Samsung Galaxy S3 update 4.1.2 has been released in Poland, I would like to show you what […]

SWWAW – Startup Weekend Warsaw #3

Startup Weekend is a  great opportunity to see, what you are able to achieve during 54 hours. This time, the event took place in Collegium Iuridicum II, Faculty of Law and Administration University of Warsaw, Lipowa 4, 00-316 Warsaw. Everything started on Friday. More than a hundred of people were present. There were a lot of […]

Examination session is over, time for the summary.

huh! June is probably the worst time for every student. With all the exams, and projects, we are left with not much time for developing our own ideas. This post will be a summary of a few projects that I have written recently. You can expect at least one tutorial concerning the described projects, so […]

LeakedIn? – 8,5 mln LinkedIn passwords leaked

Alright we all know that our password can be among leaked LinkedIn passwords. What can you do now? 1. Check whether there is anything to be afraid of. Use to verify if your password (in hashed form) is present on the list. 2. Well, probably it would be best if you had changed the […]

Instapoller – Windows Phone 7 application to help people with their decision struggles. Also a great photo-sharing tool

Instapoller – Windows Phone 7 application to help people with their decision struggles. Also a great photo-sharing tool

Hi, You might have noticed the decrease in the number of posts on a blog. Well.. the reason was Instapoller, my first attempt in Windows Phone 7 development, and also a first attempt in writing FREE software. So, what is Instapoller? Instapoller is a decision catalyst software, with photo-sharing option, which helps its users with […]

Jedyna pełna instrukcja instalacji Lotus Connections 3.0.1 po polsku

Witam, Od czasu ostatniej wersji napisanej przeze mnie instrukcji, na rynku pojawiła się aktualizacja Lotus Connections do wersji 3.0.1  oraz przygotowany dla niej FixPack 1. Najnowsza wersja przygotowanego dokumentu zawiera dokładny a jednocześnie zrozumiały opis instalacji produktu. W instrukcji opisałem krok po kroku wszystkie czynności, których powtórzenie gwarantuje poprawną instalację pakietu Lotus Connections. Dodatkowo umieściłem w […]

My first iOS app is now available for free

Hi, Finally the Apple made up its mind and approved new update to the Easy Visitor Tracker. It fixes a few bugs, adds Spanish translation and what is most important – it makes Visitor Tracker free. So try it out! download, rate and spread the word if you like the app. 🙂 BTW. Stay […]

Change Windows Phone Emulator skin

If you want to make your Windows Phone Emulator look more friendly it is really simple. Download following skin: Nokia Lumia 800 Emulator skin Copy files from the archive to the following directory, replacing the old files (create backup copy) C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft XDE\1.0\