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[Tutorial] How to install Windows 7 (and Vista) from USB / Pen Drive

Why to do that? Because installation from the USB drive is much faster than from DVD. It took me like 20 minutes to set up the whole system – including all of the network and account settings. What you’re going to need is: Windows 7 (or Vista) DVD, or ISO file USB Flash 4GB (or […]

New Lotus Connections 3.0.1 deployment on RHEL and Blade Center

Today’s day was really exciting because I have had an opportunity to work with Wojciech Wilk on the deployment of Lotus Connections 3.0.1 for the Polish Lotus user group (www.pollug.org). Actually the invitation to this project was flattering, because it turned out that thanks to my previous deployment experience, I was treated as an equal, […]