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Easy Visitor Tracker – Limited Edition now for only 0.99$! Be fast

As for our gratitude, for all the 5 star reviews of our application, we decided to lower the price of Easy Visitor Tracker to 0.99$ (or 0.79€). So if you don’t already have  a copy, grab one and enjoy having statistics of your websites, delivered straight to your iPhone/iPad. Please note that you DO NOT […]

[Tutorial] Create personalized Google search

Introduction Searching through the content of websites is something that we find convenient and can’t imagine living without. But what should we do if the developers of the webpage, didn’t think in the same way, and they didn’t provide the search function? And what if there is a bunch of websites that we really enjoy, […]

Make Google+ look like Facebook

So here is the thing, Google+ is not even officially opened for all users but the users already create plugins and modifications to it. Now thats the spirit ! Here is the quick way to change your Google+ looks from this: To the well known facebook style: Just visit this site: http://userstyles.org/styles/50051/google-facebook and download Stylish for […]

Google Calendar support with Google API, Scala Actors, Google GWT

Description and goals: The goal was to write Scala App which will be more useful than simple  “Hello world”.  I have read the documentation of Google API and found it really powerful. The program uses scala actors to put the event into multiple calendars. Reviewing events from the calendars specified for the account that you’ve […]