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[Java] The easiest way to parse integer to string – int to string conversion

Ah, I love things that make life easier and more convenient. This tip is one of these things. Originally if you want to parse int to a string in java you would go like this: The easiest integer to string conversion looks like this: Simply concatenate an empty string to the number that you want to […]

IntelliJ Idea 10 and Scala – Tutorial on running Scala in IntelliJ

Learning new programming languages is what we all do to know which one will work best for the project that we’re working on. That’s why I decided to try out Scala. Scala is quite young programming language based on java. Unfortunatelly it suffers from many problems that usually touch new things, which are: unsufficient number […]

[Tutorial] AJAX with Java Servlets, JSP, Derby and Tomcat 7.0

Today I wanted to improve my warehouse manager a little bit. I thought about adding some AJAX to it,  so in today’s post I’ll write how-to start with this technology. First of all This tutorial is based on Java Servlets, but those of you who use  plain HTML or Javascript, will also find some useful […]

Java Servlets – Shop warehouse management

Description and goals: Time has come, to write business web-app. After spending half an hour in the line waiting for checking if there is the right size of the t-shirt I wanted to buy, I started wondering, how to improve the performance of that operation. Screens: Time: Design and research: half a day Coding + […]