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[Tutorial] Create personalized Google search

Introduction Searching through the content of websites is something that we find convenient and can’t imagine living without. But what should we do if the developers of the webpage, didn’t think in the same way, and they didn’t provide the search function? And what if there is a bunch of websites that we really enjoy, […]

[Tutorial] Starting with File Operations in VBScript. Copy and delete large ammounts of files automatically and with no effort

I guess that once in a while, everyone deals with a large number of files. You might spend a lot of time, doing the same operations over and over again. So I thought that it is the time to make use of Windows Scripting. That is how my uber-pro ( 😉 ) script/program came to […]

Lotus Connections 3.0 update to 3.0.1 version – step by step instruction

The promise comes to life. The document describes the full update of Lotus Connections. You will find out how to update Connections databases, so they are compatible with 3.0.1 version, and the Connections itself . The 3.0.1 version introduces a lot of new elements i.e Idea Blog. The detailed list of changes is included in the […]

IntelliJ Idea 10 and Scala – Tutorial on running Scala in IntelliJ

Learning new programming languages is what we all do to know which one will work best for the project that we’re working on. That’s why I decided to try out Scala. Scala is quite young programming language based on java. Unfortunatelly it suffers from many problems that usually touch new things, which are: unsufficient number […]