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No transparency in Windows 7 despite DWM working properly and having display drivers installed.

Cool thing about graphic cards is the fact, that they gain a little more power, every driver update, and although the update process seems to cause as little problems as possible, it happens that not everything goes well. The ‘not well’ situation occured to me, after moving from ATI Catalyst drivers 11.10 to 11.11. Actually […]

How to completely remove XCode from Mac OS X – Snow Leopard

Sometimes updates go wrong, and we may be forced to reinstall XCode. How to do it properly? Open the terminal and type in the following: sudo  /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=all You will be left with clean system, and you can try running your XCode.dmg file again.

Lotus Connections 3.0 update to 3.0.1 version – step by step instruction

The promise comes to life. The document describes the full update of Lotus Connections. You will find out how to update Connections databases, so they are compatible with 3.0.1 version, and the Connections itself . The 3.0.1 version introduces a lot of new elements i.e Idea Blog. The detailed list of changes is included in the […]

Aktualizacja Lotus Connections 3.0 do wersji 3.0.1 krok po kroku | Lotus Connections 3.0 update to 3.0.1 version – step by step instruction

(For English readers only) The english version of the article can be found here: document (out of date) The english version of the article is being prepared, and will be available soon. In the meantime I can offer you my help with the proces, just leave the note below, or email me: send mail You […]